Globalwatch Mobile

System-in-a Briefcase (TM)


Crime scene / Accident


Captured on Police, Fire or Emergency Services Mobile Video Camera


Live Streaming Video of Crime / Accident Scene Sent Wirelessly to Remote Command/Control Center


Mobile Video solutions



DSS Global Security Corp offers a portable video surveillance system and command center solution which has been designed for federal, municipal, industrial and corporate clients.

One specific product: GlobalWatch MobileTM offers a solution which wirelessly enables remote users to simultaneously view all cameras deployed in-vehicle or out-of-vehicle.  Remote-control features include: camera command and control (pan-tilt-zoom), instant video recording or motion detection activated recording, ability to set up a number of motion detection windows (3 per camera), receive panic button distress signals, view live GPS tracking/mapping information, and many more features. This is all achieved from up to thousands of miles away by multiple mobile and/or fixed remote command centers. This solution will allow remote operators access to cameras which may be located in potentially distant or out-of-the-way areas (highways, roads, trails, railroads, parks, recreation areas, etc.).

The system stores in a rugged transport case and is vehicle deployed and ready in about 20 minutes.  The system packs away in the rugged transport case in about 20 minutes and is ready for its next transport or deployment. The equipment can run entirely on standard 110VAC electricity, vehicle power, Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery power, and/or portable solar power units.  The system can transmit video, voice and data using a WiFi, Cellular, or optional Satellite connection. 

GlobalWatch Mobile Systems Feature:

·    Rapid Deployment:  Complete “out-of-the-box” set up in about 20 minutes

·    Transportable: Ships in a single or double, rugged transport case

·    Modular:  Easy integration of components (Cameras, PDA’s, Antennas, Panic/Duress Alert Buttons, Mobile Command Centers, etc.)

·    Secure Frequency Switching

·    Secure / Encrypted: Transmission of video data

·    Remote Live Viewing, Command, and Control:  Cameras can be controlledwirelessly up to thousands of miles away

· Portable / Wireless: No drilling, installing long cables and/or wires, etc.

Rapidly Mobile: Can move from location to location as needed

·    Vehicle Installation:    Quick setup and ready for live, wireless, remote camera monitoring and control in about 20 minutes. Packs away in 20 minutes and ready for next mobile deployment

·    Battery Powered: Cameras and components can utilize long life Li-Ion rechargeable batteries 

Solar Powered: System can run on solar power or combination of solar/battery power for many hours

·  Training, Technical Support, and System Maintenance Provided

·    Easy to use System: Complete training and system manuals provided

·    Supports multiple software platforms, cameras and equipment

·    Supports existing analog cameras and converts to digital (IP) format

·    Remote (Long-Range) Cameras and Sensors Supported:  Cameras and sensors inside critical facilities (non-accessable areas) can be integrated and viewed using vehicle equiped, mobile command system

·    Motion Detection Alerts:    Sent to command center laptop (3 motion detection windows per camera) with remote cell phone / email alerting

·    Continuous Recording or Motion Detection Activated Recording: With adjustable buffering

·    Up to 30 FPS (Frames per second): Streaming video per camera

·    Monitor and Record: Accidents, theft, vandalism, sabotage, mischief, etc. in various areas of concern

·    Easy System Storage: System packs away in a rugged transport case in about 20 minutes and is ready for next deployment

·    Tri-Mode Connectivity Capable:  Cellular, WiFi and/or optional Satellite

·    Scalable: System can easily grow, scale and integrate additional components as required

·    Integrates with existing infrastructure / legacy (CCTV) camera systems

·    Audio / Video Communication: Supports two-way voice and video communication

·    Integration of Specialized Equipment and Accessories: Covert, Infrared, Thermal Imaging, and All Weather cameras, GPS, Biometrics, Duress/Panic Alert Buttons, Legacy Cameras (from previous security system), and more.

 ·   Panic Alert Button and Man-Down Sensors available with all systems